A leader of distinction fosters a vision for the difference they make in the world.

They create a corporate soul that nurtures and stimulates the individual and the company into excellence.

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  • Leadership Programs

    Connect with other likeminded leaders and choose from the program that most fits your needs. Take a look at our lunchtime leadership program.

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  • Profiling

    Leverage your leadership style. We have a range of psychometric tests available to get the most from you and your team.

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  • Workplace Wellbeing

    Increase your organisational performance while taking pressure off leadership, building strong, effective teams and increasing staff loyalty.

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  • Guest Speakers

    Our team of renowned professionals share their experience in an engaging, light-hearted and extremely informative way that inspires action.

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The LODESTAR® system improves communication and employee engagement, provides 360° feedback, develops self-management, and keeps the whole company engaged on the daily tasks required to achieve the organisation mission and vision.


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what others say about leaders of distinction

  • “We hired Anita as our business consultant. Her expertise and ability to implement systems and process is of the highest standard. She is a brilliant communicator and very thorough. We will continue to work with Anita.”

    Ayda Hornak
    Director Lovin you PR Pty Ltd

  • Thank you so much for the extended time that you allowed me to have with you during our debrief. It was great to… a) get so much depth and knowledge from someone who is clearly an expert in the field and… b) to get such amazing insights into not only how I work, but also myself and my business partner together. For this I am really grateful.

    Business owner of an IT design company

  • The Talent Dynamic Profile was a fantastic tool to really drill down where my skills lay and what I can do to improve my results by partnering with people who complement my strengths. Kevin is a very knowledgable and approachable business coach who was able to not only help me get the best out of myself but also from my team. Thanks Kevin.

    Russell Pearson
    Director, Crimson Fox, Creative Studios

  • Anita is a dynamo that is able to think of an idea and have it up and running within days! A very unique and skilful person to have at your side.

    Rik Schnabel
    Founder and Chairman Business Beyond Limits Pty Ltd

  • Precision Profiling has changed the way I approach people and also the environments that I work in. It has given me insight into where my success lies in the future and has given me plenty of areas to avoid. Brian’s insight not only on the quantitative data but also his qualitative interpretation was amazing. The time he invested went well beyond my expectations and he made sure that he delivered a report and a debrief that surpassed my experience of all other profiling tools, companies and questionnaires that I have ever come across before. Simply put, anybody who has to deal with people or is interested in finding out how they ‘tick’ must invest in themselves and contact Precision Profiling in order to gain essential insight into themselves.

    Janek Pierce
    Business Director, Breakthrough Apps

  • Rosemary is not afraid to tell you how it is. She’s a straight talker providing advice – wrapped in warmth and business nous at the same time. She is a good cheerleader to have on your side.

    Nicola Archer
    Nicola Archer Communications Pty Ltd.

  • Kevin has explained to me clearly Talent Dynamics and how it can work with the management of an Accounting Business. Using the tools to help develop staff is an area that we want to focus on, as we strongly believe our staff, are our greatest asset. Kevin’s patience and guidance during our time together with the TD has really enabled me to stop and think what really is important. I have no hesitation in recommending Kevin and his professional service to any of my clients and colleagues.

    Ashley Ross
    Manager, Ian R Ross and Associates, Pty Ltd, Accountants and Taxation Consultants

  • “Anita provides an excellent, holistic approach to her work and really cares about helping you as a business. Thank you, my team are already working better together and its great to have an external sounding board.”

    Laura Birley
    CEO People Dynmics Pty Ltd

  • I thought I understood all of my direct reports extremely well, and what you have shared with me certainly reinforces most of what I know, which is great. But the real value that I have received from you are the insights about some of them that I had not only missed, but actually misinterpreted from their actions. Now I will look at those team members again in a different, much more appreciative light.

    of a major international organisation

  • I highly recommend Brian and Precision Profiling. I believe this is an invaluable product for business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone who is committed to their success. The process helped me to understand myself and focus on my strengths and find others to help me with the areas I am weak in. Brian is an expert at this and is amazing at what he does. I was so impressed with his work, that I recently ran a webinar to my database and invited Brian in as the expert to help my database of business owners learn more about the importance of using Precision Profiling for themselves and also for their team.

    Andrew Roberts
    CEO Flip your life, head coach at The Fortune Institute

  • Hi Rosemary,
    We haven’t stopped talking about what we have learned.

    My head is still buzzing with strategies I know I can implement and knowing that they will work.

    If you want clarity, direction, purpose & a whole lot of work from heart then Dr Rosemary is the one for you. This woman has so much knowledge & she shares it with you. My personal & professional life has taken directions as a result in ways I never thought possible.

    Wendy Mazzella
    The Cake Connection